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01 Golf Course Road, Berkeley, CA 94708   -   510/549-0211
OPEN:   Tuesdays: noon to 3 pm, Fridays: 9 am - noon, Saturdays: 10 am - 2 pm
Located in Tilden Park across from the entrance to the Tilden Golf Course

Map showing location of Native Here Nursery

By public transit:
#65 AC Transit bus to Grizzly Peak/Shasta.
Walk .1 mile on Shasta to Golf Course Dr., right on Golf Course Dr .7 miles
to nursery entrance.
Saturdays, #67 bus to Brazil Bldg. in Tilden Park, walk uphill .2 miles on Shasta Rd,
turn left and walk .7 miles to nursery entrance.

New payment options available at Native Here!

We are now equipped to accept Master Card and Visa credit cards, and also debit cards.

Minimum credit card purchase is $20. Our setup requires that the actual card be present when we record the transaction. Because the equipment is telephone-based, we will now be writing up all sales in the office.

Are you aware of the volume discount at Native Here? Sometimes you may not find $500 worth of plants at a given time, but you can achieve that amount by purchasing gift certificates to use later.

If you attended the Plant Fair please take a minute to fill out an
online survey.

Photos of the first day of the 2010 Plant Fair

           Iris douglasiana   photo by Janice Bray   

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Native Here Catalog downloadable Excel file

Native Here Catalog
downloable pdf file

Prices and Practices
Butterfly Plants
Contract Specifications
Natives for Restoration
Seed Collection Guide
Seeds for Native Here
Native Here article in current Bay Leaf

Custom grown plants native to Contra Costa and Alameda Counties:

Seed collection
Growing to order
  • Order one to three years in advance of planting for best results!

  • Some plants available for retail sale year-round.

Volunteers needed!

The nursery is operated almost entirely by volunteers. At present it is open for volunteer training and sales to the public on Friday mornings 9 AM to noon and on Saturdays 10 AM to 1 PM. Rain or strong winds close the nursery.

There is a wide range of volunteer tasks:

Mel doing volunteer work at the Native Here Nursery
  • Handling sales,
  • loading plants for customers,
  • striking cuttings,
  • sowing seeds,
  • watering,
  • potting up plants,
  • filing papers,
  • weeding,
  • entering nursery records,
  • writing Bay Leaf notices,
  • cleaning the office,
  • creating native plant and wildlife habitat,
  • collecting seeds and cuttings,
  • tool maintenance,
  • building and maintaining nursery structures.

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