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Plants We Grow and Bay Area Butterflies That Use Them

[Prepared from material gathered by Jeff Caldwell, revised by Margot Cunningham 6/02.
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Monarch Butterfly
Photographer: John Landers

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Common Name Latin Name Butterflies
Maple Acer spp. Western Tiger Swallowtail 
Yarrow Achillea millefolium Painted Lady  
Buckeye Aesculus californica nectar
Buckeye Aesculus californica Spring Azure
Buckeye Aesculus californica Echo Blue
Pearly Everlasting Anaphalis margaritacea American Painted Lady
Pearly Everlasting Anaphalis margaritacea Painted Lady
Carrot Family Apiaceae Anise Swallowtail
Madrone Arbutus menziesii Western Brown Elfin
Mugwort Artemisia douglassii American Painted Lady
Narrowleaf Milkweed Asclepias fascicularis nectar
Milkweeds Asclepias spp. Monarch
Aster Aster chilensis Field Crescent
Aster Aster chilensis nectar
Aster Aster spp. Northern Checkerspot
Sunflower Family Asteraceae American Painted Lady
Sunflower Family Asteraceae Field Crescent
Sunflower Family Asteraceae nectar
Coyote brush Bacharis pilularis nectar
Winter cress Barbarea orthoceras Common White
Winter cress Barbarea orthoceras Large Marble
Winter cress Barbarea orthoceras nectar
Winter cress Barbarea orthoceras Sara Orange Tip
Mustard Family Brassicaceae Cabbage Butterfly
Mustard Family Brassicaceae California White
Mustard Family Brassicaceae Common White
Mustard Family Brassicaceae Cloudless Sulfur
Mustard Family Brassicaceae Mustard White
Mustard Family Brassicaceae Large Marble
Mustard Family Brassicaceae Sara Orange Tip
California Brome Bromus carinatus Umber Skipper
Indian Paintbrush Castilleja spp. Common Checkerspot
Indian Paintbrush Castilleja spp. Leanira Checkerspot
Indian Paintbrush Castilleja spp. Luesther’s Checkerspot
Indian Paintbrush Castilleja spp. Northern Checkerspot
Wild Lilac Ceanothus spp. nectar
Wild Lilac Ceanothus spp. California Hairstreak
Wild Lilac Ceanothus spp. Echo Blue
Wild Lilac Ceanothus spp. Western Brown Elfin
Wild Lilac Ceanothus spp. Pale Swallowtail
Wild Lilac Ceanothus spp. Hedgerow Hairstreak
Wild Lilac Ceanothus spp. California Tortoiseshell
Soap Plant Chlorogalum pomeridianum Western Brown Elfin
Thistle Cirsium spp. Field Crescent
Thistle Cirsium spp. Painted Lady
Thistles Cirsium spp. nectar
Clematis Clematis spp. nectar
Dogwood Cornus spp. Spring Azure
California Oatgrass Danthonia californica Lindsey’s Skipper
Tufted Hairgrass Deschampsia caespitosa Umber Skipper
Blue Dicks Dichelostemma nectar
Shooting Star Dodecatheon spp. Gray Blue
Dudleya Dudleya spp. Sonoran Blue
Elymus (grass) Elymus spp. Woodland Skipper
Fireweed Epilobium California Dogface
Naked Buckwheat Eriogonum nudum Dotted Blue
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Acmon Blue
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Mormon Metalmark
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Bay Area Blue
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Bramble Hairstreak
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Common Hairstreak
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Gorgon Copper
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Lange’s Metalmark
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. Mormon Metalmark
Buckwheats Eriogonum spp. nectar
Golden-Yarrow Eriophyllum confertiflorum American Painted Lady
Golden-Yarrow Eriophyllum confertiflorum nectar
Legume Family Fabaceae Acmon Blue
Legume Family Fabaceae Behr’s Blue
Legume Family Fabaceae Eastern Tailed Blue
Legume Family Fabaceae Western Tailed Blue
Legume Family Fabaceae Marine Blue
Legume Family Fabaceae Common Sulfur
Idaho Fescue Festuca idahoensis Lindsey’s Skipper
Red Fescue Festuca rubra Sachem
Strawberry Fragaria vesca Common Hairstreak
Bioletti’s Cudweed Gnaphalium bicolor American Painted Lady 
Purple Cudweed Gnaphalium purpureum American Painted Lady 
Cudweeds Gnaphalium spp. American Painted Lady 
Gum-weed Grindelia camporium American Painted Lady
Gum-weed Grindelia spp. nectar
Rosilla Helenium puberulum American Painted Lady
Cow Parsnip Heracleum lanatum Anise Swallowtail
Cow Parsnip Heracleum lanatum nectar
Toyon Heteromeles arbutifolia nectar
Golden Asters Heterotheca spp. nectar
Creambush Holodiscus discolor Lorquin’s Admiral
Creambush Holodiscus discolor Pale Swallowtail
Creambush Holodiscus discolor Spring Azure
Mint Family Lamiaceae nectar
Lomatium Lomatium spp. nectar
Lomatium Lomatium spp. Edward’s Swallowtail
Honeysuckle Lonicera hispidula Common Checkerspot
Deerweed Lotus scoparius Acmon Blue
Deerweed Lotus scoparius Echo Blue
Deerweed Lotus scoparius Bramble Hairstreak
Deerweed Lotus scoparius Common Sulfur
Deerweed Lotus scoparius Silvery Blue
Deerbrush Lotus scoparius Spring Azure
Succulent Lupine Lupinus succulentus Painted Lady
Succulent Lupine Lupinus succulentus Common Sulfur
Lupines Lupinus spp. Acmon Blue
Lupines Lupinus spp. Behr’s Blue
Lupines Lupinus spp. Pardalis Blue
Lupines Lupinus spp. Common Hairstreak
Lupines Lupinus spp. American Painted Lady
Mallows Malvaceae American Painted Lady
Mallows Malvaceae Common Checkered Skipper
Mallows Malvaceae Common Hairstreak
Mallows Malvaceae Painted Lady
Melics Melica spp. California Ringlet
Sticky Monkeyflower Mimulus aurantiacus Common Checkerspot
Monkeyflower Mimulus guttatus Buckeye
Monkeyflower Mimulus guttatus Field Crescent
Coyote Mint Monardella villosa Western Tiger Swallowtail
Coyote Mint Monardella villosa California Dogface
Coyote Mint Monardella villosa nectar
Needlegrass Nassella spp. California Ringlet
Needlegrass Nassella spp. Sylvan Satyr
Sweet Cicely Osmorhiza chilensis Anise Swallowtail
Foothill Penstemon Penstemon heterophylla Common Checkerspot
Kellogg’s Yampah Perideridia kelloggii Anise Swallowtail
Plantain Plantago erecta Buckeye
Plantain Plantago erecta Common Checkerspot
Western Sycamore Platanus racemosa Western Tiger Swallowtail
Plectritis Plectritis spp. Common Checkerspot
Grasses Poaceae Farmer
Grasses Poaceae Columbian Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Dodge’s Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Eufala Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Farmer
Grasses Poaceae Fiery Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Lindsey’s Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Roadside Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Sachem
Grasses Poaceae Sandhill Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Tilden’s Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Umber Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Woodland Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Yuba Skipper
Grasses Poaceae Yuma Skipper
Buckwheat Family Polygonaceae Great Copper
Buckwheat Family Polygonaceae Purplish Copper
Blue Oak Quercus douglasii Gold-Hunter’s Hairstreak
Oaks Quercus spp California Sister
Oaks Quercus spp. Propertius Duskywing
Oaks Quercus spp. Sad Duskywing
Oaks Quercus spp. California Hairstreak
Oaks Quercus spp. Lorquin’s Hairstreak
Oaks Quercus spp. Echo Blue
Coffeeberry Rhamnus californica Common Hairstreak
Coffeeberry Rhamnus californica Pale Swallowtail
Currants, Gooseberries Ribes spp. Tailed Copper
Willow Dock Rumex salicifolius Purplish Copper
Scurf-pea Rupertia physodes Common Sulfur
Willows Salix spp. Western Tiger Swallowtail
Willows Salix spp. Dryope Hairstreak
Willows Salix spp. Moarning Cloak
Willows Salix spp. Rustic Anglewing
Calif. Bee Plant Scrophularia californica Common Checkerspot
Calif. Bee Plant Scrophularia californica Leanira Checkerspot
Calif. Bee Plant Scrophularia californica Luesther’s Checkerspot
Calif. Bee Plant Scrophularia californica Bay Checkerspot
Calif. Bee Plant Scrophularia californica Buckeye
Figwort Family Scrophulariaceae Bay Checkerspot
Figwort Family Scrophulariaceae Buckeye
Figwort Family Scrophulariaceae Chalcedona Checkerspot
Figwort Family Scrophulariaceae Leanira Checkerspot
Figwort Family Scrophulariaceae Luesther’s Checkerspot
Checkerbloom Sidalcea malvaeflora West Coast Lady
Checkerbloom Sidalcea malvaeflora Common Checkered Skipper
Checkerbloom Sidalcea malvaeflora Large White Skipper
Hedge Nettle Stachys pycnantha California Dogface
Hedge Nettle Stachys spp. nectar
Snowberry Symphoricarpos spp. Common Checkerspot
Snowberry Symphoricarpos spp. nectar
Hoary nettle Urtica dioica ssp holosericea West Coast Lady
Hoary nettle Urtica dioica ssp holosericea Red Admiral
Nettles Urtica spp. American Painted Lady
Nettles Urtica spp. Milbert’s Tortoiseshell
Huckleberry Vaccinium ovatum Echo Blue
Vetch Vicia spp. Common Hairstreak
Vetch Vicia spp. Common Sulfur
Vetch Vicia spp. Silvery Blue
Mules Ears Wyethia spp. Painted Lady




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